As a VIP Consignor, we price, tag, and transport your inventory to the sale. Your items are priced by consignment experts who have a solid consignment reputation and consistently high sell-thru rates. We have limited spots for our VIP Tagging service which are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Choose from the two options below:



Standard Option (you want to make a little money but are just TOO BUSY to deal with the tagging!)

Consignor=40% (or 45% if on Busy Bee Team) Tagger=30%

Consignor may choose whether to pick-up unsold items (and must pick them up themselves) or donate all.


Charitable Option (the earnings aren’t as important for you right now and you have BINS of great stuff and would love to shop or share your presale pass & would love your items to DO THE MOST GOOD all around.)

Charity =40% Donated to a Charitable Village Partner and consignor receives a tax receipt for their donation


All unsold items are donated to our Charitable Village network of organizations that serve WNC


-If selected, you will be notified and will communicate DIRECTLY with your VIP Tagger

-VIP Taggers are Moms who LOVE and GET consignment. Pricing & Presentation are everything to get your items sold and these mom’s have the secret sauce! They are also mom’s that are excited to have a way to earn extra income to take care of their own families- so participating is a WIN for all!

-Consignors have 2 OPTIONS (see details below)-Consignors using the service will create their own account and share their login information with their tagger
-Items given to tagger must be clean and folded when delivered

-Large Items are the responsibility of the consignor to tag and drop-off.

-Materials fee of $15 (0-100 items) or $20 (101-200 items) to cover hangers, pins, cardstock, ink, zipties, etc to be paid directly to the tagger

-Consignor MUST get items to Tagger by the deadline provided in your confirmation email,  unless otherwise arranged with Tagger.

Want to be a VIP Tagger & Earn Extra Cash?