About the Sale

 Over 23 years ago, Nina Miller & Rita London, best friends and co-workers, had a great idea to local connect families with other families who had children’s items to share.  At the time they were pioneers in what eventually grew to be an entire industry of pop up children’s consignment events!  Over the years, Wee Trade has grown to become an institution in WNC that families rely on to make raising children affordable and giving back to the community at large.

In 2020, the Wee Trade family grew to include Tracey Stebbing and Anna Harrelson (2 best friends, veteran consignors and moms whose children think Wee Trade is the only place you are allowed to buy things for children) and their entire families.  “It takes a Village,” right!?

The organizers create the space and Wee Trade consignors make the MAGIC happen!   Grateful Village, LLC is the parent company to Wee Trade Carolinas and now Village Trade Carolinas, an online community consignment sale that caters to way more than just the children! Check it out!


Our Mission

At Wee Trade, our mission is simple yet profound: Together We Thrive. We believe that by supporting each other, we can make life more attainable for families in Western North Carolina despite rising living costs.

Wee Trade serves as a platform for families to help one another, promoting sustainability that benefits us all in the long term. By providing our children with sustainable resources, we offer them a greater gift for the future.

To further this mission, we created the Charitable Village Network, connecting WNC’s change-makers with our community of sellers and shoppers. We donate over $100K in merchandise annually, addressing specific needs voiced by organizations. We also offer discounts and access to affordable, sometimes free, shopping for non-profits and the foster/kinship community.

By fostering a community where everyone can contribute and benefit, we ensure that together, we truly thrive.