Frequently Asked Questions

  I’ve never shopped a consignment sale… do you have any tips?

  • Bring a large shopping bag (Ikea, 31, etc.) to hold items while you shop.
  • Shop sizes just above and below your child’s to find the items that fit. Find a great deal a few sizes too big? Grab it for your child to grow into!
  • Leave the kids at home. Even though kids are welcome during the public sale, you might find you shop better without them.
  • Measure your child before you come and bring a tape measure with you. This will help you ensure the items fit.
  • Make a paper cut-out of your child’s foot to use when looking for shoes.
  • If you are coming during one of the pre-sales or peak times, be prepared for a short wait to check out.
  • ALWAYS come back for 1/2 price day. You’ll love the amazing bargains you’ll find.

Is there an entrance fee to come shop?

Wee Trade entrance is FREE to the public.  There are several early access Pre-Sales.  Make sure to check the SHOP page to see if you are eligible to shop early!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

How do I get to shop at a pre-sale?

  • Become a working consignor.
  • Become a standard consignor.
  • Be a New Parent or Grandparent.
  • Be a Hero (First responder, healthcare worker, teacher, foster parent, military)
  • Be a friend of a consignor.
  • Follow us on IG & FB and enter our drawings the month leading up to sale week!

    Can I bring my children with me when I shop?

    Only infants 12 months and younger are allowed during the pre-sales and must be worn. Strollers are not permitted during pre-sales. Children are absolutely welcome during the public sale, but you may find you shop better without them. Strollers are permitted during the public sale.  Wee Trade provides a family room for caregivers to watch children, nursing mothers or if you just need a break!

    How do I transfer my Village Trade Inventory to Wee Trade?

      see comments on the video. e-mail us @ connect@gratefulvillage.com with issues, clarifications-
      1. Log In to your Village Trade account.
      2. go to “work with consigned inventory”
      3. click “TRANSFER INVENTORY”
      4. click “MOVE INVENTORY OUT”
      5. select a sale: for example  “2021 August Consignment Sale…”
      6. enter your WEE TRADE consignor # and password (not Village Trade)
      7. choose the items that you would like transferred and “SUBMIT TRANSFER”
      8. Login to WEE TRADE account
      9. go to MY HOMEPAGE
      10. under “menu” click “work with consigned inventory”
      11. click “TRANSFER INVENTORY”
      12. click “RECEIVE INVENTORY IN”
      13. click “Receive”
      14. REVIEW all of your ITEMS- Make sure that you HAVE THEM in your possession, DOUBLE CHECK the category and if needed, CHANGE TO A MORE APPROPRIATE WEE TRADE CATEGORY!!
      (if your item is not listed as eligible for transfer– change the category in Village Trade to one that is. For example- Women’s Clothing is not eligible to transfer but Junior Girls would be. Make sure your category is accurate and appropriate. )
      email us @ connect@gratefulvillage.com with questions!