Get the Word Out!

There is no reason a parent in WNC should not have Wee Trade Season marked on their calendars MONTHS in advance! 

 Here are some materials you can share to help increase your sales!  (click on these images to open the PDF)  The more people see the BEE, the more likely they are to come and buy your items!  We advertise on TV, Radio, Billboards, Online, Road Signs.  But yet, we meet people every day that have never heard of Wee Trade and we are shocked!! 🙂

ALL CONSIGNORS SHOULD SHARE THE SALE!  Team Members who want a “BUMP”  to their presale shopping time (or $10 in Bee Bucks if you already shop at the earliest presale), fill out the form below and join the MARKETING TEAM!


  • Print Flyers / Coupons and distribute to places you already go!
    • daycares
    • schools
    • churches or vacation bible schools
    • dentist/doctor/orthodontists office
    • sports/dance/summer camps
    • post office/grocery store
    • your OWN local business
    • what else….?
  • Share on social media, send with permission to email groups you are in with other parents
  • Grab Road Signs from us for your yard, neighborhood or business

What other creative ideas do you have?  Send us an email if you have an idea of other ways WE can help INCREASE your SALES!